16. Mai 2022


Pedilay Care® GmbH announced the startup of an elastic nonwoven laminate conversion line in Germany

Unique stand-alone nonwoven laminate conversion line answers material needs for R&D and commercial customers in medical, hygiene and wellness industry.

With the acquisition of the new lamination line, the company is now expanding its business portfolio, building on best-in-class know-how in the conversion of medical devices, to also include material production for third parties. Built not only to make unique elasticated non-woven laminates for Pedilay’s own products, the line has been specified to also accommodate the anticipated needs of external clients, with a likely focus on the medical, hygiene and wellness industries, for the development and pur-chase of unique elasticated nonwoven laminates. To round off its offering, ancillary testing and material development capacity is available on site.

Announcing the startup of the line, Armin Schmitz, Head of Business Development, Industrial Services, said: “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this new capaci-ty to the international non-wovens market. Following our own extended search for contract capacity that would meet our internal needs, we are certain we have now brought online a unique and competitive commercial offering with this stand-alone line. We look forward not only to working with our inhouse team on new medical de-vices, but also stand ready for international customers. We have the space, the team and the know-how to both develop challenging new laminates and to quickly turn around commercial projects.”

Hannes Weiland, CEO of Pedilay Care GmbH added: “With the help of our shareholders we have invested significantly in our production facility, next to staff and conversion equipment, also in production machinery. This new line represents a cornerstone of our expansion strategy, it is critical for our ability to develop our next generation of mate-rials in the medical device sector. It pleases me all the more, that with the line, we now have a resource available for other companies who require elasticated non-woven laminates and respective expertise and services. With disrupted international supply- and logistical chains, our conversion offering, right in the heart of Europe, is sure to be a valuable asset to the industry.”

The company expects the line to be fully operational for external clients by May 2022. Inquiries for samples, technical data sheets and demonstrations are available on re-quest. For further information on the new offering please contact Armin Schmitz, Head of Business Development, Industrial Services under laminates@pedilay.care and for other business and media inquiries, Hannes Weiland, CEO, under info@pedilay.care or visit us at www.elastic-laminates.com.

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